What to Bring?


  1. A full belly on Friday night (first full meal is Saturday breakfast)
  2. Long drive? Bring cash for lunch on the ride home, as we leave Sunday at 11am before lunch.
  3. Sleeping bag and pillow – they have sheets and light blankets for each bed, so your favorite blanket will work if you don’t have a sleeping bag.
  4. Bible and pen.
  5. Warm clothes for cool nights and cool clothes for warm days.
  6. Your favorite board games/card games (if you have any)
  7. Sports equipment (within reason).
  8. Towel and shower stuff.
  9. Modest swimsuit if you dare to swim in the lake.
  10. For the musically inclined: bring a reasonably-sized instrument to jam with.
  11. Any homework you want to get done(there is free time for this. disclaimer- wifi may not be great)
  12. Don’t forget to give your driver some gas money.
  13. Phone Charger
  14. Open heart and mind to hear God’s Word.

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